James Settelmeyer's Platform


The best government is like a good insurance policy.  It costs you money from time to time. It's there for you in bad times and in the good times you don't know it exists.  In that vein, I feel government involvement in private affairs should be minimal at most.


I believe as the founding fathers did, that religion is of grave importance.  We must remember that they believed in freedom of religion not its abscence.


The government does not owe its people a living; it only owes them the opportunity to make one. 


It will be extremely difficult to convince me there is a need to increase the tax burden of Nevadans, present or future generations.  By the same token I feel we have a duty to make sure that we plan for tomorrow's bills by paying them today, rather than letting those in the future deal with them.


We must all actively keep our minds immersed in knowledge, and should  share that knowledge with others.  I regularly help teach children through the local 4-H and FFA programs, as well as help with our oldest daughter's kindergarten class one day a week.  Education should not end with the school day.


Families are the very cornerstones of our society. I believe they should be loving, mutually supportive groups that make the necessary sacrifices of time, attention, and resources, in order to make it in today's society.  Yet many people look to the government to solve their family problems, when many times they should be looking within.


Privatizing government services and programs helps eliminate the unnecessary competition between the government and the private sector.   Generally, it saves the government and hence the taxpayer money and time.

U.S. Constitution

I make this vow, that I will uphold the Constitution of the United States and the Nevada Constitution.  The original intent in these documents should always be any politician's thoughts.  

Private Property Rights

They are too often taken for granted, but they are and should always remain an inalienable right.


My many years on the Conservation District and the State Conservation Commission reflect my dedication to natural resources.  Rest assured, I know that a record is not something to stand on; it is instead something to build on.



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